Søn. 15. aug.

08.00 - 20.00
Entré: Gratis
Arrangør: Randers Event

TID: 15. aug. kl. 08.00-20.00
KATEGORI: Performance
RUTE: Fra nordvest Randers via Helsted, Hornbæk Dyrehospital og Randers Regnskov mod Danish Crown og Dansk Kennel Klub
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My name is Maria, and I come to Randers as a missionary for the Animal Sound Society.

The Animal Sound Society is a performance project about listening to animal voices. It all started in Amsterdam 7 years ago, when I summoned a group of people who, at some point in their lives, had learned to imitate the sound of an animal: The Animal Choir. I dare to say that everybody knows somebody who can imitate an animal. There are animal choirs all over the world.

What makes my Animal Choir unique is the people who participate in it, and the stories they share. I’m touched by the motivation and dedication to genuinely practice and learn how to imitate animals. Some people learn to imitate their own cat or the birds in their garden. Others imitate popular animals they have never even met, only heard from YouTube or TV. I want to share these stories.

I bring my speaker recordings of the people I have met. And I bring my recorder, my microphone, hoping to meet new people who imitate animals, new members of The Animal Sound Society. Don’t be shy! Let us unite!




Maria Lepistö is a performance artist from Sweden, who works with storytelling, speech, and sound, paying special attention to the physical quality of a voice and the sound of language. One recurring topic is the projection of human values and rhetoric onto animals.

Seven years ago, she founded the The Animal Sound Society, an ongoing performance project about listening to animals. It has so far resulted in several performances, videos, workshops, and collective listening sessions in very different places, such as museums (Arti et Amicitiae in Amsterdam), a church (Oude Kerk, Amsterdam), and public spaces (Blågårds Plads, Copenhagen).



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